MASter – white, perfectly smooth walls. 

Dealing with the production and distribution of construction chemicals since 1997. The leading products produced in our factory are ready polymer-paste filler coats for various uses in construction, emulsion primers for various substrates, and plasticizers for concrete and mortar. Determination and hard work have allowed us to create and promote very high-quality products, such as a ready-to-use, plaster-free filler coat in the form of a perfectly white paste — MASter MAS. This and other products, under other brands, produced for domestic and international clients, have encountered many very satisfied Customers and are successfully distributed at over 1500 sale and distribution centers in the country and outside it.

In recent years, we have placed an emphasis on creating modern process lines for filler production. Large investments have also been devoted to created a modern research laboratory. The laboratory is certified by the Institute of Mineral Building Materials in Krakow. It fulfills all requirements concerning control of quality of the products we produce, in accord with regulations in force in the EU, as confirmed by periodic audits.

Each year, we strive to provide you with new products of excellent quality, meant for use in a very wide and varied range of filling applications. A fundamental goal of the MASter company, to which we devote particular attention, is that products bearing our logo inspire our Customers’ with regards to quality and price. We pride ourselves on our very good reputation among our Customers, who include contractors, architects, investors, wholesalers, and construction stores of all sizes.

Our achievements thus far constitute unending motivation for our continued development. We sincerely invite you to acquaint yourself with our offer and to cooperate with us.

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